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Air India Flight Returns to Delhi After Unruly Passenger Harms 2 Crew Members

An Air India flight headed to London had to turn back to Delhi due to an unruly passenger who allegedly harmed two cabin crew members. According to latest reports, the 25-year-old man has been detained by Delhi police and an official complaint has been filed against him.

A 25-year-old man named Jaskeerat Singh from Kapurthala, Punjab has been reportedly detained by Delhi police for his unruly behaviour onboard an Air India flight heading to London. The airline stated that the man caused physical harm to two cabin crew members. Because of this, the flight returned to Delhi. “Not heeding to verbal and written warnings, the passenger continued with unruly behaviour including causing physical harm to two of the cabin crew members. The pilot in command decided to return to Delhi and the passenger was handed over to the security personnel upon landing. An FIR has also been lodged with the police,” Air India said.

The flight, which took off from Delhi at 6:35 a.m. and returned at 9:42 a.m., was rescheduled for later in the afternoon.

Jaskeerat Singh was reportedly handed over to security officers when the flight returned to Delhi. A police complaint was also filed. His parents claimed that Jaskeerat was mentally unstable.

Back in February, Air India CEO Campbell Wilson spoke about the behaviour of travellers and said, “Not a day goes by without us receiving reports about passenger behaviour. There is a degradation of passenger behaviour onboard aircraft and a standard of decorum is required.”

Air India has been in the limelight for several months now. Back in November of last year, a man urinated on an elderly passenger and was allowed to walk free when the flight landed. He was later arrested by the police and let go by his employer.

Vineet Washington
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