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Anti-Lockdown protests erupt across China asking Xi Jinping to step down

by The Canadian Parvasi

Protests have been emerging all over China proving to be an acid test to the hold of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP) Leader Xi Jinping over the country. China, the epicentre of and one of the worst affected by the pandemic, has been taking strict and stringent measures to ensure the past two years don’t repeat themselves. The Xi-led government has enforced strict lockdowns all over the nation under its ‘zero-covid’ policy. The citizens of the country, however, don’t seem to welcome the decision.

Much like the epicentre of the virus itself, the epicentre of the nationwide rage also seems to be the city of Wuhan, where hundreds of protests emerged on Sunday. Livestreams, which were quickly censored, showed hundreds swarming the streets of the Central Chinese capital marching against the long quarantines, strict lockdowns as well as mass testing.

The latest of the protests seem to be prompted by a fire that took place in Urumqi  that took the lives of 10 people. Many blamed the lockdown protocols for the number of casualties, claiming that apt rescue operations could not take place in time due to the rigid policy. On Saturday, the government stepped back from enforcing lockdowns in Urumqi.

In videos that have since made rounds on social media, protestors in Shanghai could be seen chanting,” Step down, Xi Jinping! Step down, Communist Party!”

Just last week, Hundreds of workers in a factory manufacturing Apple iPhones in Zhengzhou, China broke out into violent clashes with the security personnel supposedly due to the rigid and strict covid restrictions in the factory under China’s zero Covid policy, and dismay over promised wages.

In videos that have since made rounds on social media, workers could be seen smashing surveillance cameras as well as clashing with the police, who reportedly beat the workers in retaliation.

Media reports suggest that China, which is known for employing detentions, police action and wide censorship, has been carrying out rampant detention of protestors across the country.

Many protests seem to be spearheaded by university students. Sunday morning, Beijing’s elite Tsinghua University saw hundreds take to the streets to chant against the communist regime. Other universities like Tsinghua’s neighbour Peking University witnessed similar uprisings.

The telecasts of the ongoing Qatar World Cup have also proven to be catalysts to the outrage, with many citizens taking to social media to express dismay over the maskless stadium attendees at the tournament. The Chinese state broadcaster has been replacing close-ups of maskless fans with shots of players and officials in the stadiums.

On Sunday, China reported 39,506 domestic Covid-19, with many of these being asymptomatic cases.

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