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B.C.: Vancouver’s Komagata Maru Memorial honouring Indians defaced for the third time

by The Canadian Parvasi

For the third time between 2021 and 2023, the Komagata Maru Memorial in Vancouver, B.C., which was established to honour the lives of hundreds of Indians, was vandalized.

The memorial was established to commemorate a 1914 incident wherein 376 Indian passengers aboard the steamship Komagata Maru were turned away by Canada at the Coal Harbour in Vancouver, leaving the passengers stuck on the steamship for two months.

Taking to Twitter, The National Director for Khalsa Aid Canada, Jindi Singh, shared pictures of the memorial defaced by a message that read: “No more Fiat build on Bitcoin.”

“I’ve just been sent these images. The Komagata Maru Memorial has been defaced again and human excrement can be seen nearby too. This is too much!” Singh expressed, sharing visuals of the memorial in the tweet.

In a reply to the City of Vancouver’s official account, the Khalsa Aid Director further detailed that the issue was brought to his notice by UK-based visitors who had come to visit the memorial at Coal Harbour.

“Some protective measures beyond just graffiti removal [are] needed. Consider incl. a live webcam – which allows those wishing to see it across the globe to do so,” Singh stated in a reply to the City of Vancouver.

In response to the tweet, Vancouver Police stated that an active investigation of the incident is underway.

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