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Brampton Unveils Ambitious 2024 Budget to Foster Growth, Draft Open For Feedback

Efforts have been made to strike a balance between economic growth and essential investments in key areas such as public transit, healthcare, recreation, the environment, roads, infrastructure, and community safety.

Mayor Patrick Brown of the City of Brampton presented his inaugural budget under the recently enacted provincial legislation, the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022. The official draft of the 2024 budget is now open for feedback from residents and businesses, marking a crucial phase in its development.

In a statement, Mayor Brown stated, “I am thrilled to unveil the 2024 budget, a strategic blueprint dedicated to building the Brampton advantage. This budget prioritizes critical investments in transit, healthcare, recreation, community safety, environment, and roads and infrastructure, ensuring a prosperous and vibrant future for every Brampton resident.”

“I’m proud to announce that this budget delivers a record contribution to reserves and the lowest tax increase in the GTA. Your feedback is crucial as we finalize this budget, reflecting our commitment to inclusive growth and a resilient community,” the statement further said.

Efforts have been made to strike a balance between economic growth and essential investments in key areas such as public transit, healthcare, recreation, the environment, roads, infrastructure, and community safety.

This annual budget has been shaped through extensive community engagement, including a pre-budget telephone town hall with over 5000 residents, ward Councillor coffee chats, and a business roundtable, which aligns seamlessly with the City’s strategic plan. It commits record-level investments into the community and addresses the priorities that matter most to its residents.

Public delegations and Council discussions are slated to commence on Tuesday, December 5, providing opportunity for further input and deliberation.

Highlights of the 2024 Proposed Budget

Affordability & Service Excellence

Despite the economic landscape, the proposed tax increase on the City portion of the tax bill stands at 1.9%, falling below the September 2023 rate of inflation (3.8%). This increase is notably lower than the Region of Peel (4.5%) and the City of Mississauga (2.3%), making it the lowest in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The budget allocates $139 million, the largest-ever contribution to reserves, for sustaining and enhancing City buses, roads, recreation centers, public spaces, and other vital infrastructure assets.

The operating budget amounts to $913 million, accompanied by a capital budget of $544 million, summing up to a total investment of $1.5 billion.

Health Care

The City has already accumulated reserve funds exceeding $74 million as of September 2023, earmarked for the City’s local share of $125 million.

Continuation of a 1% hospital levy will support the construction of a second hospital for Brampton and a new cancer care center, along with backing for a new medical school.


A substantial portion of the budget, $78.4 million, is allocated for the purchase and refurbishment of buses.

Brampton Transit will witness a significant expansion on the Bramalea Road Corridor, with an investment of $3.8 million, resulting in 108,500 new transit service hours and the addition of 136 new transit operators.


The budget allocates funds for various recreational projects, including the construction of the Embleton Community Centre ($79.8M), Howden Recreation Centre ($24.2M), and the expansion of Memorial Arena ($2.5M). Other enhancements cover cricket infrastructure, youth hub construction, and improvements to tennis, kabaddi, pickleball, basketball, dog parks, and playgrounds.


Significant investments are directed towards environmental initiatives, such as the Riverwalk Phase One for flood protection ($87.3M), drainage channel inspection and maintenance programs ($1M), erosion control, streambank stabilization ($1M), energy efficiency programs ($215,000), and community garden enhancements ($100,000). Chinguacousy Park will receive upgrades, and stormwater capital improvements will be made with an investment of $7.9 million.

The unveiling of this ambitious budget sets the stage for a transformative year ahead for Brampton, emphasizing the City’s commitment to sustainable growth and the well-being of its residents.

About Brampton’s Budget Development Process

The proposed budget has now been posted on the City’s website. If you require these documents in an alternate format, please submit your request to accessibility@brampton.ca.

Public delegations and Council discussions will begin on Tuesday, December 5, with final budget approval planned for December 13, 2023.

The Municipal Act, 2001, outlines the powers and duties regarding the City’s budget that are now afforded to the Mayor. The legislation states that “the head of council shall, in accordance with the regulations, prepare a proposed budget for the City and provide the proposed budget to city council for city council’s consideration.”

The 30-day period has commenced for Council to consider the budget, during which Council may adopt resolutions to amend the Mayor’s budget. Council may reduce the 30-day period by resolution.  After the 30-day (or shortened) period expires, the Budget is deemed adopted (if no Council resolutions have been passed to amend the Budget). If Council resolves to amend the budget, then the Mayor 10 days consider a veto. Any decision by the Mayor to veto a Council resolution would invoke a 15-day period for Council to consider overriding a mayoral veto by a vote of two-thirds of all members of Council.

The City’s annual budget process engages, educates and informs the citizens of Brampton through communications and engagement efforts, including telephone town halls, coffee chats, advertisements, news releases, social media, and the City’s budget website.

This year’s budget supports the City of Brampton’s Corporate Strategic Plan 2022-2026. This critical document will provide structure to prioritize and deliver what is most important to the community. It will be a living plan that sets the context for the City’s budget master plans, projects, services, and resources.

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