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Canada Day: Two academicians of Indian origin in the Order of Canada list

Ajay K. Agrawal and Parminder Raina - are among 71 appointees  for Order of Canada this year.

Two Academicians of Indian origin – Ajay K. Agrawal and Parminder Raina – are among 71 appointees  for Order of Canada this year. On the eve of Canada Day celebrations, a list of four companions, 14 officers and 71 appointees to the Order of Canada was released.

Ajay K. Agrawal is a  Professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management as well as the Geoffrey Taber Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

He is also a co-founder of NEXT Canada, previously The Next 36, and founder of the Creative Destruction Lab, which runs at six different universities in North America.

Professor Agrawal is also  conference co-chair and co-founder of an annual conference, held at the University of Toronto, “Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence.”

He is also a  co-author of the book ‘Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence’ (released in April 2018) with his  fellow Rotman colleagues, Joshua Gans & Avi Goldfarb.

He works on topics that include the economics of artificial intelligence, innovation, creative industries, the market for ideas, technology management, corporate strategy, and entrepreneurship.

For his visionary leadership as an educator and entrepreneur, and for his mentorship of students and aspiring business owners, the Order of Canada announcement said.

Parminder S. Raina has been appointed to Order of Canada  for his leading research in ageing and population health in Canada and for his impact on national policy making in geriatric care services.

Parminder Raina is a Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, Lead Principal Investigator of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) and Scientific Director of the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA).

Parminder holds a Canada Research Chair in Geroscience and the Raymond and Margaret Labarge Chair in Research and Knowledge Application for Optimal Aging and is one of the founding members of the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal and the Ontario Research Coalition of Aging Institutes/Centres. He was also a member of the National Seniors Council from 2018 – 2021. Parminder specializes in the epidemiology of aging with emphasis on developing the interdisciplinary field of Geroscience to understand the processes of aging from cell to society. He has expertise in epidemiologic modelling, systematic review methodology, injury, and knowledge transfer.

Canadian Tennis executive Stacey Allaster, former Olympic sprinter Donovan Bailey and former women’s world hockey champion Angela James  also figure prominently on this year’s list of appointees to the Order of Canada.

This year’s list of appointees also includes Canada’s  Indigenous female MP, the first MP for Nunavut, and a number of contributors to the arts, including Emmy nominated actress Sandra Oh.

Considered one of Canada’s highest civilian honours, the Order of Canada is meant to recognize people who make “extraordinary contributions to the nation,” according to the Governor General of Canada website.

Stacey Allaster, who became the first female tournament director in U.S. Open in 2020, has been named as a companion, the highest of the honour’s three levels, which also include the level of officer and member. There can be no more than 165 living companions at any time.

Windsor born Allaster remained an executive with the Women’s Tennis Association from 2006 to 2015, first serving as president before being promoted to chair and CEO in 2009.

During her tenure, she was instrumental in securing equal prize money for women at six WTA tournaments and all four Grand Slams.

Donovan Bailey won two gold medals and broke a world record at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  As a former Olympic and world champion sprinter will be invested as an officer of the order. The former world record holder won Olympic gold in 1996 in the men’s 100-metre race and in the men’s 4×100-metre relay.

Angela James won four world championships and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010. She is a pioneer in women’s hockey, first as a player and now as the general manager and part-owner of the Toronto Six women’s pro hockey team.

The winner of four world championships, including the first in 1990 where she scored 11 goals in five games and was a tournament all-star, she said being invested in the order encapsulates all her achievements on and off the ice.

A star on the Canadian team before women’s hockey became an Olympic sport, James was one of the first two women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010.

Among the appointees to the order are a number of Indigenous leaders, including Canada’s first Indigenous woman elected as a member of Parliament.

The complete list:

Companions of the Order of Canada

  • Stacey Allaster.

  • Frank Hayden (This is a promotion within the order).

  • Peter Russell (This is a promotion within the order).

  • Donald Savoie (This is a promotion within the order).

Officers of the Order of Canada

  • Naomi Azrieli.

  • Donovan Bailey.

  • Ethel Blondin-Andrew.

  • Robert Davidson (This is a promotion within the order).

  • Paul Dubord.

  • Donald Enarson (deceased).

  • François Girard.

  • Ian Hodkinson.

  • Angela James.

  • David Lynch.

  • Sandra Oh.

  • Alberto Pérez-Gómez.

  • David Waltner-Toews.

Members of the Order of Canada

  • Frances Abele.

  • Ajay Agrawal.

  • Louis-Philippe Albert.

  • R. Jamie Anderson.

  • Suzanne Aubry.

  • Hereditary Chief Stephen Augustine.

  • Granger Avery.

  • Michel Beaulac.

  • André Blanchet.

  • Marilyn Bodogh.

  • Jacques Bourgault.

  • Bernard Brault.

  • Marilyn Brooks.

  • Marion Buller.

  • James Byrnes.

  • Geneviève Cadieux.

  • James Cassels.

  • Euclide Chiasson.

  • William Clark.

  • Zane Cohen.

  • Ethel Côté.

  • Elder Reg Crowshoe.

  • Elder Rosemary Crowshoe.

  • Sheldon Currie.

  • Reginald Davidson.

  • Dorothy Dobbie.

  • Eliahu Fathi.

  • Madeleine Féquière.

  • Staff Sgt. Gary Goulet, (Retired).

  • Michael Harris.

  • Paul Heinbecker.

  • Deborra Hope.

  • Sister Margaret Hughes.

  • Moira Hutchinson.

  • Gérard Jean.

  • Adam Kahane.

  • Nancy Karetak-Lindell.

  • Eva-Marie Kröller.

  • Gary Levy.

  • Alexander Mair.

  • Guy Matte.

  • Milton McClaren.

  • Roderick McKay.

  • Ben Mink.

  • Donald Mowat.

  • Robert Munro.

  • Sister Bernadette Mary O’Reilly.

  • Donna Ouchterlony.

  • Fred Pellerin.

  • Elder David Perley.

  • Elder Imelda Perley.

  • G. Ross Peters.

  • Sandra Pitblado.

  • Guy Pratte.

  • Parminder Raina.

  • Joel Reitman.

  • David Rush.

  • The Honourable Anne Russell.

  • Suzanne Sauvage.

  • Martin Schechter.

  • Jacques Shore.

  • Ronald Tremblay.

  • Guylaine Tremblay.

  • Michelle Valberg.

  • Germaine Warkentin.

  • James West.

  • Michael West.

  • Margie Wolfe.

  • Lorraine M. Wright.

  • Robert Wyatt.

  • Jan Zwicky.


Prabhjot Singh