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Canadian troops helping Jordan, Lebanon secure borders against ISIL

OTTAWA — Canadian soldiers have been quietly helping Jordan and Lebanon reinforce their borders amid fears of Islamic State extremists sneaking in from Iraq and Syria to launch attacks in Europe and North America.

Defence officials won’t say how many Canadian troops are in Jordan and Lebanon or where exactly they are located, citing operational security.

But they say the Canadians are not actually located on the borders in question.

Much of the assistance has come in the form of equipment to the Jordanian and Lebanese militaries, including trucks, cold-weather gear and even basics such as barbed wire and pickets.

Canadian troops have also been imparting advanced warfighting skills on local forces, including teaching Jordanian counterparts how to call in airstrikes on enemy targets.

The international community has long been seized with concerns about ISIL fighters entering and leaving Iraq and Syria, but fears of an exodus have increased as the group faces military defeat.

The biggest fear for countries like Canada is that citizens who joined ISIL as foreign fighters will manage to return with the intent of launching terrorist attacks.

The Canadian Press

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