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CP Rail Cars Catch Fire, Roll Through Downtown London, Ont., No Injuries Reported

Firefighters promptly disconnected the locomotives, enabling a focused effort to douse the flames.

Late Sunday night, a blaze engulfed five train cars as they traversed downtown London, Ontario. Emergency responders swiftly reacted to the distress calls flooding in from witnesses around Richmond Street and Pall Mall Street, a bustling residential area, at approximately 10:49 p.m.

The Canadian Pacific Rail line, responsible for the tracks, witnessed the inferno unfolding as the train came to a halt adjacent to an office building and residential complex. Firefighters promptly disconnected the locomotives, enabling a focused effort to douse the flames.

Colin Shewell, platoon chief of London Fire, stated, “Despite the proximity to nearby structures, our teams successfully contained the fire, averting any significant damage.” Additional reinforcements expedited the firefighting process, achieving substantial control within an hour and twenty minutes.

Post-clearance by fire personnel, CP Rail relocated the charred cars to its Quebec Street rail yard. Meanwhile, firefighters diligently attended to lingering embers, ensuring complete extinguishment.

Efforts to obtain insight from CP Rail are underway, with CBC News actively pursuing updates on the unfolding situation.

The cargo, consisting of aged railway wooden ties, posed no hazardous threat, according to firefighting authorities. These ties, originating from the Strathroy area, mysteriously ignited en route to London. Shewell emphasized, “Until proven otherwise, we treat such incidents as potential arson.” Interestingly, the ties, destined for disposal, held negligible commercial value.

CP Rail’s internal law enforcement unit has assumed control of the ongoing investigation, seeking clarity on the fire’s origins and circumstances.

Financial assessments indicate damage worth $25,000 to the rail cars and $10,000 to the Drewlo Holdings office building, emphasizing the magnitude of the incident’s economic toll.

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