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Crispy Cheesy Pav: Make A Fuss Free Cheesy Snack Easily At Home

Cheesy Pizzas and Burgers are the quintessential treats every time we step out. Although nothing compares to the street varieties, it doesn’t stop us from trying our luck with some homemade version too. On some days, these experiments turn out restaurant-like, but on the others, it is nothing short of a disaster. That being said, wouldn’t you like an easy peasy recipe you can follow to dish out a perfect cheesy snack every single time the cravings hit? Well, we certainly would. And it looks like we have found just the recipe for that.

Our search for that one recipe that will guarantee a cheesy explosion of flavours every single time we make it has finally ended. Thanks to YouTube blogger Parul, we found this stellar recipe on her channel ‘Cook with Parul’, and it’s surely going to leave a mark on your palate and mind for a long time. It’s called ‘Crispy Cheesy Pav’ and brings the best of the both worlds together. You can easily make this in a kadai and savor it with chai or a beverage of your choice.

How to make Crispy Cheesy Pav l Crispy Cheesy Pav Recipe:

In a bowl add chopped veggies of your choice like capsicum, red bell peppers, corn, onions and mix them with salt, red chilli flakes, mayonnaise, and pizza sauce and make a creamy filling. Now in a plate grease some oil and assemble the pav. Cut through the middle and spread cheese, the creamy filling, some more cheese and top with Italian herbs if you want to. Place this plate on the kadai and let this steam for 10 minutes until you have perfectly melty cheesy crispy pav right in front of you. Take off the heat and let it cool for a while before digging in.

News Credit: NDTV.com