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Data of 500 million WhatsApp users up for sale after breach

by The Canadian Parvasi

A database of around 500 million users from 84 countries was put up for sale on a popular online hacking forum after a data leak from the popular networking site WhatsApp.

Media reports suggest that data was available for sale based on the countries of users. The US dataset, which supposedly contained 32 million records of users from the North American nation, was on sale for $7,000, while the UK dataset cost about $2,500. User data from other countries like India, Egypt, Italy, France, and Russia was also reportedly available for sale on the hacker forum.

The hacker, when contacted by media outlets who have since confirmed the claims, sent the data profiles of 1,097 UK-based numbers registered to WhatsApp users as proof. However, the hacker did not detail how they acquired the data.

This incident does not come across as isolated, especially for WhatsApp’s parent company Meta. Last year, Meta-owned Facebook also saw the leak of the personal data of 500 million of its users, including their personal information and phone numbers.

The popular networking site WhatsApp currently has over 2 billion active users across the globe. The breach of user data, thus, affected about a fourth of its users.

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