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“I Think About Quitting Every Day. It’s A Crazy Job”: PM Justin Trudeau

The next general election in Canada is slated for October 2025, setting the stage for a critical decision.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has openly acknowledged the weight of his demanding role, revealing that he contemplates leaving his “crazy job”. Despite the mounting challenges, Trudeau remains committed to leading the nation through another election cycle. His political future has become a topic of intense scrutiny, fueled by waning popularity among Canadians, as indicated by recent polls.

In an exclusive interview with Radio-Canada, Trudeau candidly discussed the personal sacrifices inherent in his position. The next general election in Canada is slated for October 2025, setting the stage for a critical decision.

Public discontent has been brewing, fueled by concerns over housing affordability and the rising cost of living. The governing Liberal Party finds itself trailing behind the Conservative opposition, often by a significant margin. The “Trudeau brand,” once a powerful force, now faces skepticism within political circles. Allies have even suggested that it might be time for Trudeau to step aside.

However, in a recent 24-minute conversation with the French-language broadcaster, Trudeau reaffirmed his commitment: “I could not be the man I am and abandon the fight at this point.” The toll of his responsibilities weighs heavily on him, and he admitted, “I think about quitting every day. It’s a crazy job I’m doing, making the personal sacrifices.” Despite the challenges, he remains resolute, acknowledging both the toughness and occasional monotony of his role.

Trudeau’s personal life has also faced scrutiny. Last year, he and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, publicly announced their separation. Together, they share three children.

Trudeau’s ascent to power was marked by an impressive majority election victory, ending nearly a decade of Conservative rule in Canada. However, subsequent elections have eroded support for the Liberal Party. Currently, Trudeau’s minority government operates under a “supply and confidence” agreement with the New Democrats, where the left-leaning party provides crucial support during parliamentary votes.

As the political landscape evolves, Trudeau grapples with the weight of leadership, torn between personal sacrifice and the relentless demands of his role. Whether he can rejuvenate the “Trudeau brand” and secure another electoral victory remains to be seen.

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