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Monday Motivation: 6 Stretches That Will Get You Feeling Energised, Motivated, And Ready For The Day

Want to kick start your Monday morning? Try these stretches that will prepare your mind and body.

Stretches are an important part of every workout. They help the body warm up and accelerate blood circulation. With a proper routine that involves various stretches, the body is ready to seize the day and is filled with positivity. Focusing on the importance of stretching in the morning, fitness trainer Kayla Itsines shared a post on Instagram featuring herself doing various stretches. She captioned the post, “Let’s get ready for the day ahead with some stretches to get you feeling energised, motivated, and ready to tackle the day.” In the reel, Kayla shared six exercise routines.

Monday Motivation: Try these stretches for a perfect start

1) Hip Flexor Stretch – 60 secs (30 secs per side)

2) Cat Cow – 60 secs

3) Thoracic Rotation – 60 secs (30 secs per side)

4) Abs to Child’s Pose – 60 secs

5) Inchworm – 60 secs

6) Lateral Lunge – 60 secs (30 secs per side)

She added in the caption, “If you’ve just jumped out of bed, include these stretches as a part of your morning routine to get your body warmed up and your blood flowing. Starting the day with a positive and energised mindset will help you prep for whatever your day throws at you.”

Warming up before a workout helps your body prepare for the upcoming exercises. It increases the blood flow and bring your muscles to the right temperature. Stretching also reduces the risk of injuries.

Kayla’s Instagram profile is replete with tutorial videos on workout routines. A few days ago, she posted about the importance of knowing when to shift to advanced level from the beginner stage of exercises. She said that knowing when it’s time to allow the body to heal from sore muscles and injuries, is important. “It is great to push yourself! But sometimes, it’s actually best to go back to basics and focus on your technique, balance, and strength before moving to the advanced version of an exercise,” wrote Kayla.

Coming back to Kayla’s morning stretch routine, try these and give a kick start to your week.

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