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Novak Djokovic refuses to get vaccinated, to skip US Open

Novak now stands one Grand Slam title ahead of Roger Federer and one behind Rafael Nadal.

One of the greatest tennis players of the modern era and winner of the men’s singles title in the just concluded Wimbledon championship, Novak Djokovic says he has no plans to get vaccinated for Covid.

Fresh from his  seventh Wimbledon championship title  that took his Grand Slam titles to 21, Novak Djokovic announced his plans to go on vacation. Where and how long the vacation will be are not known.

Novak now stands one Grand Slam title ahead of Roger Federer and one behind Rafael Nadal.

Novak who missed the Australian Open after a controversial “deportation” order by Australian Supreme Court for his refusal to get vaccinated. May have to skip the US Open, the last of the four Grand Slams in Tennis. The US laws also require vaccination for Covid 19 before one can enter the country.

After his grand triumph in the All-England Championships (Wimbledon), Novak did not disclose his next plans or when he will be able to resume his pursuit of the Major trophies he figures, correctly, that fans, and history, value the most

The next Slam tournament is the US Open, and as of now, Djokovic can’t participate because he is not inoculated against Covid.

“I would really,” he said, “love to go there.”

As an unvaccinated visitor or a sportsperson, he may not be permitted to enter the United States.

Though he would love to be there, he may land in a situation similar to what he experienced in Australia before the start of the Australian Open. Normally, tournaments like Grand Slams may have provision to get exemption for eminent players  from vaccination but not for Covid 19. Novak  tried to get in at the Australian Open in January  but ended up in court and in detention. The court took a serious view  and revoked his visa revoked  besides ordering his deportation. Novak may not like a repeat of his Australian experience in the US.

Will he skip the US Open? Only Novak has the answer.

He has, however, made it clear that he will not get vaccinated.



Prabhjot Singh