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One of The Most Expensive Indian Weddings Cost Over Rs. 500 Crores

One of the most expensive weddings in India cost over Rs. 500 crores ($83.1 million CAD). In November 2016, the daughter of former minister from Karnataka, Janardhana Reddy, got married at a five-day wedding that left no stone unturned. At the time, questions were raised as to how Reddy managed to obtain Rs. 500 crores for the wedding.

On November 6, 2016, the daughter of former minister Janardhana Reddy, Brahmani, got married at a lavish five-day affair that cost over Rs. 500 crores. It is one of the most expensive weddings in India and at the time, questions were raised about how Reddy managed to obtain such a massive sum of money.

For the wedding, over 50,000 guests showed up. The family booked a total of 1,500 rooms in different five-start and three-star hotels. There were 3,000 security personnel present at the location. Gold and diamond jewelry worth nearly Rs. 5 crores was worn by the family. The bride wore a Kanjivaram saree that cost Rs. 17 crores and wore Rs. 90 lakh worth of jewelry. Rs. 30 lakhs was spent on makeup and around 50 top makeup artists were employed. One makeup artist was particularly called from Mumbai.

As for the invitation cards, guests received boxes that had an LCD screen and it showcased a musical invite when opened. There were 40 opulent bullock carts to escort guests to the location and 2,000 taxis were employed to carry the visitors.

The marriage took place immediately after demonetization. Opposition parties raised concerns about the massive sum of money spent on the wedding. Anand Sharma, a member of Congress at the time, questioned the BJP government on how Reddy obtained a whopping Rs. 500 crores for his daughter’s wedding.

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