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OPP cautions citizens after 2 people found trackers on their vehicles in less than 24 hours

by The Canadian Parvasi

Two people in separate incidents in the same 24-hour span near Cornwall found tracking devices attached to their vehicles, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

Both of the aforementioned people received notifications on their iPhones that an Apple AirTag tracker was attempting to connect to their phones, despite neither of them actually owning an air tag.

“They both noticed that AirTag devices had been placed in hidden areas on their vehicles,” stated OPP Insector Marc Hemmerick of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry detachment, adding that it was not the first instance brought to his notice wherein air tags or other trackers were attached to unknowing individuals’ vehicles.

A North Stormont Township resident filed the first report on March 4. Under the hood of her Jeep Wrangler, she discovered the tracker in the fuse box. The previous night, it had been parked in a public location in Montreal, according to the police.

On March 5, a man in South Stormont Township reported the second of the aforementioned incidents. After it dinged his phone while he was driving, he discovered an AirTag under the hood of his Toyota Rav 4.

According to OPP Inspector Hemmerick, luxury cars like Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep products and high-end Toyota vehicles, more specifically the Toyota Highlander, are being targeted in similar incidents.

A probe into both of the incidents is currently ongoing, according to media reports.

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