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PM Trudeau adds 35 names to the Russian sanction, intends to sell bonds to support Ukraine

by The Canadian Parvasi

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped by the opening ceremony of the Triennial Congress of Ukrainian Canadians in Winnipeg on Friday where he reiterated his and the Canadian Government’s unwavering support of Ukraine amidst the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

In his address to the gathering, PM Trudeau revealed that the Canadian Government had added 35 more people and institutions in its Russian sanctions. Amongst others, leaders of Russia’s state-owned energy company, Gazprom were named in said sanctions.

“Nine months ago this week, Russia launched a brutal and bloody invasion of a sovereign and democratic nation…They violated the post-World War II order that has for decades, upheld peace and allowed so many people to prosper. The have murdered innocent civilians,” said PM Trudeau at the three-day-event organized to discuss the problems and hardships faced by the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.

PM Trudeau also added that around 105,000 Ukrainians have arrived to Canada to seek haven for themselves since the onset of the war.

He also announced that Canada intends to sell government-backed 5-year bonds to raise money for Ukraine stating, “Canadians will now be able to go to major banks to purchase their sovereignty bonds which will mature after five years with interest… These funds will go to support the Government of Ukraine so they can to continue to support the Ukrainian people.”

Defence Minister Anita Anand is also said to be part of a panel named ‘Working Together to Build Euro-Atlantic Security’ in order to display the Canadian Government’s support to Ukraine.

Anand revealed to media outlets that Canada has contributed CAD $600 Million so far to help aid Ukraine in the crisis. Anand also stated that she remains in contact with The Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, who constantly updates her regarding Ukraine’s needs for assistance and supplies.

PM Trudeau also intends to visit local Iranian communities amidst the ongoing protests while in Winnipeg.

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