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Search for downed object spotted over Yukon called off by RCMP

by The Canadian Parvasi

Days after calling the search for the object spotted over Lake Huron, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police called off the search operations of the unidentified aerial object down over Yukon last Saturday, with the RCMP stating that while they searched the areas with the highest probability, they could not find the debris of the unidentified object.

The Mounties iterated that the search for the object was called off as the incident was “not tied to a scenario that justifies extraordinary search efforts” and that snowfall made it unlikely that the debris of the object was to be found.

The U.S. military, on Friday, stated that they had also called off the search for the object found over Deadhorse, Alaska and, just like the RCMP, also called off search operations for the object downed over Lake Huron between Ontario and Michigan.

The North American nations “conducted systematic searches”, yet the debris could not be found, The U.S. Northern Command said in a statement.


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