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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Caught Breaking Dog Park Rules in Central London

Rishi Sunak, the first Indian-origin British Prime Minister, seems to be under the limelight once again, this time for walking his dog without a lead at a dog park. His wife, who was also present, was informed about the situation after which she put the dog back on a lead.

Rishi Sunak and his family were walking their dog in central London’s Hyde Park, which has signs that clearly state all dogs must be kept on leads to avoid worrying the wildlife. However, Sunak was filmed with his dog walking without a lead. According to a police statement, an officer spoke to a woman, who is said to be Sunak’s wife Akshata Murty, and reminded her of the rules. The dog was then put back on the lead.

This is not the first time the British PM has been under the spotlight. Earlier this week, reports stated that he upgraded the electricity network at his Yorkshire mansion to power his heated swimming pool. This came amid public perceptions of him being too rich to relate with the voters dealing with the cost-of-living crisis in Britain.

Sunak was fined for breaking lockdown law after he attended a Downing Street party in June 2020 while serving as Boris Johnson’s finance minister. He was also fined by the police for not wearing his seatbelt on one occasion.

The Indian-origin politician took the role of PM after Liz Truss resigned after six months of her appointment. He became the first Indian-origin British PM after being an MP for only seven years. His wife, Akshata Murty, is the daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy and the couple faced controversy over the issue of her not paying UK tax on big earnings abroad.

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