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An armoured gunman killed by police after an hourlong standoff in Ohio

The shootout followed an hour-long standoff that closed an interstate and disrupted  life in the rural area  of Clinton county on Thursday.

Killing of a man wearing body armour linked to search of Donald Trump’s beachfront home?

It is the story of the day. It is about the killing of a man wearing body armour. He was shot dead by law enforcement officers in Ohio.

The shootout followed an hour-long standoff that closed an interstate and disrupted  life in the rural area  of Clinton county on Thursday.

Residents of Clinton County, Ohio, were witness to the standoff  as police officers descended on the area. The law enforcement agencies had  during their operation helicopters hovering overhead as efforts were made to apprehend the armoured man.

The law enforcement officers opened fire after the suspect raised his weapon in defiance. A witness to the standoff , Rob Thompson, said that as he was leaving to  run errands shortly after 10 a.m., he noticed unusual movement.

A speeding white Ford Crown Victoria was chased by several law enforcement officers. He was initially suspected to be a case of an over speeding driver defying police action.

Later, it was revealed that the law enforcement officers shot and killed a man who was suspected to have tried to break into the F.B.I. ‘s Cincinnati office on Thursday.

Ohio authorities, media reports  said,  declined to confirm the killed man’s name or describe his motives.

However, other law enforcement officials said investigators were looking into the antecedents of the man. They identified him as Ricky Shiffer, and suspected he was  linked to an extremist group associated  with the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

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The story got a twist as it got linked to the search carried out by the FBI at the former President Donald J. Trump’s private residence in Florida.

The link was ascribed to a social media post on  Ricky Shiffer’s  account. From his account messages were posted  on Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social. These  recommendatory posters  wanted “patriots” to go to Florida and kill federal agents. On Thursday, a post from the same account also confessed an attack on the F.B.I.

The attack in Ohio came three days after FBI agents served a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, the beachfront home and club   of Donald Trump.

Only a day earlier, the F.B.I. the director  had deplored online threats against federal law enforcement. He told the media such developments were “deplorable and dangerous.”

The man, who  was wearing body armour, had tried to breach the entrance to the visitor screening facility outside the F.B.I. Cincinnati field office in the suburb of Kenwood in the morning, Todd Lindgren, a spokesman for the bureau, told the media. He said an alarm was set off and agents responded.

The suspect attacker  then fled and went north on Interstate 71, officials said. He was later spotted by a state trooper at a rest area.

That trooper began a chase and came under gunfire, said Lt. Nathan Dennis of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The chase eventually left the interstate and snaked along rural roads before coming to a stop near an Interstate 71 overpass close to the city of Wilmington.

Lieutenant Dennis said gunfire was exchanged. He said officers tried to negotiate with the man, and then tried to subdue him with less-than-lethal ammunition. Those efforts failed. The man eventually raised a gun, Lieutenant Dennis said, and officers opened fire, fatally wounding him.



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