An NRI Family’s homecoming with their culturally-inspired products

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New Delhi: Children in India will soon experience the world’s first-ever mantra-singing Hindu-inspired toy brand, Modi Toys – a perfect blend of entertainment and education — launched by siblings Avani Modi Sarkar and Viral Modi. Applying a modern spin on ancient ethos, Modi Toys wants children to stay connected to their roots through their mantra-singing Hindu soft toys and corresponding books.

Nearly five years after successfully launching in the USA, the founders are now announcing their foray into the Indian market as they introduce Modi Toys to the very country that inspired their entrepreneurial journey. Co-founder of the homebound startup, Avani says, “Viral and I were born and raised in India and moved to the USA over 30 years ago. But thanks to our parents’ upbringing, we’ve always remained fully immersed in our culture. But when we became parents ourselves, we saw a severe gap in the market for culturally representative toys reflective of our Hindu roots. We wanted to raise our kids with the same sense of connection and appreciation towards their culture, which inspired us to start Modi Toys. We have tens of thousands of customers around the world, but nothing gives us more pride than now seeing families in India embrace our products.”

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Avani adds, “Making our products educational and meaningful was just as important as keeping them fun and simple because our toys and books serve as a gateway to sparking children’s curiosity. The more accessible our toys are, the more likely kids are to play with them.”

Modi Toys takes pride in the fact that all of its operations, from ethical production to packaging, are 100 per cent Made In India. The company’s commitment to local production not only supports local artisans but ensures highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Viral Modi, co-founder of Modi Toys said, “In addition to our attention to detail and craftsmanship, Modi Toys has taken steps to adopt more sustainable practices across its operations, including its supply chain, packaging, and waste management. Our toys are made from eco-friendly materials, and we hope to leave this world a better place for children.”



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