Anjan Das Murder Case: CCTV Footage Shows Stepson Disposing of Anjan’s Head

CCTV footage has surfaced showing one of the accused in the East Delhi murder case disposing the body parts of the victim. The case involves the murder and dismemberment of Anjan Das by his wife and stepson. The body parts of the victim were found during the search for Shraddha Walkar’s body parts.

The grainy black and white CCTV footage shows a man picking up a plastic bag from a field and walking away. Sources state the person was Deepak and he was disposing of his stepfather’s head. This case is quite similar to the Shraddha Walkar murder case where her body was cut up into several pieces and stored in a refrigerator.

The murder of Anjan Das was planned by his second wife Poonam and her son Deepak. According to the police, Das sold Poonam’s jewelry and sent the money to his previous wife who is living in Bihar with eight children. Poonam and Deepak spiked Das’ drink and after he was unconscious, stabbed him. After letting the blood drain overnight, they cut the body into 10 pieces and stored it in the fridge. Deepak then disposed of the body parts. The police have been able to recover six body parts so far.

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The police caught wind of this case while searching for Shraddha Walkar’s body parts. Some of the parts found turned out to be a man’s and after investigating, the police came across footage of a man and a woman disposing of the body parts. The police also found that Anjan Das had been missing for months but no one had filed a complaint. Poonam and Deepak were later arrested and they confessed to murdering their husband and stepfather.

In the Shraddha Walkar and Aaftab Poonawala case, the accused recently completed his latest polygraph test. This time, Poonawala spent about two and a half hours at the facility where his test was being done. The police wanted to see if there are discrepancies in his statements.

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