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Appointment of Chief Secretary of Punjab Challenged

The Punjab and Haryana High Court sought a response from the government within two weeks in the Punjab Chief Secretary VK Janjua case. The Punjab government has been asked to produce the documents in the case related to him. New advocate general Vinod Ghai appeared during the hearing in the High Court on Monday. The Punjab government was given notice by the High Court, but AG Ghai stated that Janjua had been transferred rather than promoted. The High Court then asked for the record of the entire case.
TS Mishra has challenged the appointment and promotion of VK Janjua to the post of Chief Secretary in the High Court. He stated that there is a pending corruption case against Janjua. In such a situation, making him the Chief Secretary is a violation of the guidelines.
On November 9, 2009, the Vigilance Bureau arrested VK Janjua for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 2 lakh while serving as the Director of Industries. The case was registered during the time of the Akali-BJP government. This amount was claimed to have been taken from a Ludhiana-based businessman. On the same day, a case was registered against him and he was removed from the post.

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