Brampton Crematorium President Reveals Alarming Concerns over International Student Deaths and Female Exploitation

Calls for Greater Awareness, Support, and Protection for Female International Students

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Prabhnoor Kaur

In a groundbreaking interview with Parvasi Media Group, Inderjit Singh Bal, President of Brampton Crematorium, shed light on the escalating number of deaths among international students in Canada. Mr. Bal emphasized the urgent need for students and their families to be aware of the challenges they may face in a foreign land, while also emphasizing the responsibility of the Canadian government and established community members in providing support and safeguarding the well-being of these students. Mr. Bal highlighted one of the major issues families have when they lose loved one who is an international student. 

These families are broken with grief and often feel helpless because they come from places with limited family systems, where losing a child is exceedingly terrible. It is critical for them to understand the procedural steps involved in such circumstances, such as the requirement for an autopsy at the coroner’s office, which can add 8-10 days to the time it takes for their child’s remains to be returned.

Mr. Bal emphasized the need for overseas students to obtain life insurance to alleviate the financial difficulties connected with such terrible situations, as health insurance offered by institutions is only valid while the student is enrolled. This acts as a safety net after unexpected disasters, providing some aid to families in need.

Furthermore, Mr. Bal emphasized the financial impact of overseas students to the Canadian economy, saying that they brought in a whopping $22 billion in only one year. He noted that the number of Indian international students now outnumbers Chinese international students. However, he raised concern over the tuition fee difference between Canadian and international students, with the latter paying 2.5 times more.

He advocated for mandatory seminars both in India and Canada to educate students about the realities of life in Canada, the importance of hard work, and the challenges they may face. Mr. Bal underscored the crucial significance of community support for overseas students, emphasizing the need for enhanced support from established community members. He also emphasized the important role that religious institutions may play in uplifting and supporting these international students. The community can make a concrete difference by working together to save the lives of international students.

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Mr. Bal shared unsettling facts about Brampton Crematorium, claiming that he has already returned 10 bodies to India this year. In 2022, the crematorium returned 22 bodies, up from 21 in 2021. The chief causes of these unfortunate deaths were recognized as car accidents, drownings, and suicide. 

Mr. Bal blamed suicides on wide range of circumstances, including dismay, unemployment, loneliness, and exploitation of female international students.

Drawing attention to the challenges faced by female students, Mr. Bal acknowledged that their lives are often more difficult than their male counterparts. He highlighted instances of exploitation within society. Additionally, he encouraged female students to maintain regular contact with reliable relatives and emphasized the importance of parents staying connected with their daughters to ensure their emotional well-being.

Finally, Mr. Bal acknowledged the responsiveness and dependability of the country’s legal system and the support provided by the police in handling such incidents.

Mr. Bal’s disclosures serve as a wake-up call for the Canadian government, educational institutions, and the community at large, as the number of international student deaths continues to climb. To avoid such fatalities, efforts must be increased to provide comprehensive support systems, raise awareness, and address the underlying difficulties confronting overseas students.



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