Patrick Brown clarifies to Parvasi – Misquoted on registering as Mayoral canadidate

Brown said also that he’s “committed” to the federal Conservative Party leadership race.

Brampton Mayor and Conservative Party leadership contender Patrick Brown has exclusively clarified to Parvasi Media Group that he has been misquoted on registering as a Mayoral candidate of Brampton.

He said that he did not say that he will not register as a Mayoral candidate. Brown meant to say that he has not ruled out running as the Mayoral candidate of Brampton. He said all he means is that he has no plans “as of now”.

He also made it clear that if Pierre Poilievre is elected as the Leader of the Conservative party of Canada then he will not run for federal elections, under his leadership as he, “disagrees with his discriminatory politics.”

Brown, in an interview on CTV’s question period, was asked whether he’s made up his mind, Brown said only that he’s “committed” to the federal Conservative Party leadership race.

“I have no plans to register, I still feel very confident that I can win this race and put the Conservative Party in a position to defeat the Liberals and the NDP in the next election,” he said.

The question came on the backdrop as the deadline to declare himself as a candidate is until August 19, 2022.

Brown also made remarks on the recent accusations by Pierre Poilievre and said that his campaign reimbursed membership fees are an attempt to distract from his rival’s economic policy pledges.

“This is Pierre Poilievre trying to change the channel. This week, there was a big story in world news and it was that cryptocurrency was crashing and Pierre Poilievre’s signature economic policy was recommending Bitcoin to Canadians,” said Brown in the interview with CTV.

“He does not want to answer questions about how he has brought out economic policy that is embarrassing for the Conservative Party.”, he added.

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In a June 10 letter to the chair of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee obtained by CTV News, Conservative MP and co-chair of Poilievre’s campaign Tim Uppal raised “concerning membership sales practices” within the Brown camp.

“During the leadership context, the Poilievre campaign received repeated reports that organisers working for the Brown campaign were arranging to reimburse the membership fees paid by individuals who agreed to join the Party using the Brown campaign’s web portal,” the letter reads.

Brown denies the claims.

During the CTV interview also, he made the revelation that he wouldn’t run as a federal member of Parliament under Poilievre’s leadership.

“Because of the positions he’s taken, that don’t speak to an inclusive Conservative Party, I think it would be an electoral disaster. I’m not interested in being part of another losing election,” he said.

He added that, however, he would run federally if Jean Charest, Leslyn Lewis, Scott Aitchison or Roman Baber were to take the top post.

Earlier, A group of councillors have accused Conservative leadership hopeful — and Brampton mayor — Patrick Brown of deliberately scuppering a council meeting to avoid scrutiny and aksed to clerify his position on re-contersting as Mayoral candidate of Brampton.

A regular meeting of Brampton city council was due to take place on June 15, 2022, but could not begin after the minimum number of councillors, six, failed to attend.

A group of five councillors who have aligned against Brown accused the mayor of deliberately bringing the meeting to “a grinding halt.”

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