Canada grants international students 18 months extension on work permits

by The Canadian Parvasi

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Under the new immigration provision announced by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser on Friday, International students with expired or expiring work permits will be able to work for an additional 18 months by extending their work permits.

Eligible Postgraduate work permit (PGWP) holders will be contacted with the necessary information to log into their accounts on government portals and update their files soon. Candidates will be able to apply for the extension starting April 6th.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news on Friday, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated, “PGWP Extension! We are extending the ability to work for PGWP holders, including those whose work permits have recently expired. As of April 6, if your PGWP is valid or has recently expired you can apply to extend your ability to work in Canada by up to 18 months.”

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Those with recently expired PGWPs will also be eligible under the newly unveiled provision, with a statement regarding the same reading, “Those with expired work permits will be able to restore their status, even if they are beyond the 90-day restoration period, and will receive an interim work authorization while awaiting processing of their new work permit application.”

“We need to use every tool in our toolbox to support employers who continue to face challenges in hiring the workers they need to grow. At the same time, we’re providing international graduates whose work permit is expiring or has expired with some additional time to stay in Canada to gain valuable work experience and potentially qualify to become a permanent resident,” Minister Sean Fraser stated about the new provision.


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