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Canada imposes sanctions on Russia, Myanmar, Iran over human rights violations

by The Canadian Parvasi

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Canada, which has not shied away from its scrutiny of Russia, on Friday imposed new sanctions on 33 Russian officials and ex-officials, alongside sanctions on Iran and Myanmar due to alleged human rights violations by the nations’ governments.

Alongside 33 individuals, Canada imposed sanctions on 6 Russian entities, totalling about 1,500 sanctions against individuals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus since the conflict took force back in February of this year.

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Sanctions were also imposed on 12 individuals and 3 entities from Myanmar, who, according to the statement by the Canadian government, were involved in key functions on behalf of the Myanmar military and facilitated arms that enabled military violence.

Alongside Russia and Myanmar, sanctions were also levied on Iranian officials amid the growing conflict between Iranians and the regime. Sanctions were imposed on 22 individuals, including senior members of the judiciary, prison system and law enforcement, as well as political leaders, such as senior aides to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and figures in state-directed media outlets.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly asserted, “There is more work to be done, but Canada will never stop standing up for human rights.”

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