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Canada in urgent need of welcoming more talented immigrants

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Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser guarantees that he is trying his best to bring more immigrants into the country amidst the fear of immigrants wishing to go to other countries than Canada. 

The minister said that the whole process might take a little more time than expected, but the immigration department is certainly not wasting away their time. The announcement comes after the business industry, immigration services, and the educational system asked if the backlogs and the long wait time of the immigration process are harming the number of people entering the Canadian borders. 

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Fraser said that they are in search of “global talent” and are doing pretty well in the “race.” The Liberal government has already announced its goal of bringing in about 1.3 million immigrants into the nation. The plan is to assist the country in the damage of the pandemic in the last couple of years. 

On the other hand, people are also questioning the government on its slow immigration process and the building number of pending immigration files. The current backlog counts up to 1.8 million pending immigration applications. 

Undoubtedly, the process needs to be modernized and updated to deal with all the applications. The situation becomes even more challenging as Canada is in need of more skilled and talented workers, but the delay is slowing their entry. 

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