Canadian Tourists Stuck in Mexico Amid Cartel Violence, Advised to Take Shelter

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Canadian tourists found themselves trapped in Mexico after violence broke out over the arrest of drug trafficker Ovidio “The Mouse” Guzman. The Canadian government has advised those Canadians to limit their movement and take shelter wherever they are. The violence is said to be the worst in Culiacan, Guasave, Los Mochis, and Mazatlan.

Several Mexican cities erupted into violence on Thursday when security forces captured alleged drug trafficker Ovidio “The Mouse” Guzman. Ovidio is the son of former cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Cartel members set up roadblocks across the city of Culiacan, even at the airport. They set vehicles on fire, including the buses in that were supposed to take several tourists to the airport.

Among the Canadian families stuck in Mexico is Tina Dahl’s six relatives who were supposed to fly back to Canada on Thursday but are now stuck in Mazatlan. The Canadian government has noted that the violence is the worst in Culiacan, Guasave, Los Mochis, and Mazatlan. It has advised tourists to limit their movement and take shelter wherever they can.

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Jason Kung, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada, said, “Due to widespread violence and security operations in Sinola State, Canadians who are already in the area should limit movements and shelter in place if possible, avoid areas where demonstrations and large gatherings are taking place (and) not attempt to cross road blockades, even if they appear unattended.”

Dahl shared, “They’re supposed to come back today, but they’re stuck in their hotel because the three buses that were supposed to go to the airport got lit on fire by the (drug) cartel. There was a shootout at the airport so the airports are shut down and the cartel put their warriors outside the hotel. I just know my brother and his family are stuck in the hotel right now.” She has been in touch with her family through Facebook since she cannot get in touch with the hotel via phone.

Canadian officials shared on Twitter that cars had been lit on fire, shots were being fired, and there was a threat to essential infrastructure, including airports. Both the Culiacan and Mazatlan airports were closed while all flights at the Los Mochis airport have been suspended until further notice.

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