Car Used in Vaughan Mills Mall Robbery Was Stolen from Quebec in Marketplace Scam

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The car used in the recent Vaughan Mills mall robbery was stolen from a Quebec woman, latest reports suggest. The 2011 Black Audi A4 was registered to Taylor-Anna Kobinger, a resident of Laval, Quebec who was notified by York Regional Police that her car was involved in a robbery.

On February 1, just after 1 a.m., a car drove into Vaughan Mills mall through Entrance 1 and robbed an unnamed store. The suspect/ suspects then drove off leaving the mall via Entrance 6. The incident was captured on CCTV cameras revealing that it was a 2011 Black Audi A4 with a Quebec license plate. Then, on Wednesday morning, Taylor-Anna Kobinger from Laval, Quebec, was notified by York Regional Police that her car had been involved in a robbery.

Kobinger had reported her car stolen a few days ago after she tried selling it off on Facebook Marketplace, but it did not go as planned. On January 29, a man responded to her Facebook ad and came to test drive the vehicle. According to Kobinger, the man took the car out twice, but on the second drive the man began to “drive dangerously.” She then asked the man to stop the car and switch places. As she got out of the passenger seat, the man drove off. “And from that moment, I haven’t seen my car,” she said.

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Kobinger showed documentation that her vehicle matched the description and plate number provided by police in an earlier press release to CTV News Toronto.

When asked how she responded to the news of her car being involved in a robbery, Kobinger said, “First, I cried, I freaked out because I don’t have that kind of money to fix it. Never in my life did I expect to see my car in a mall – literally never – I was very surprised to have it all the way [in Vaughan].” She added that she is worried about the costs involved in having to travel to bring the car back and get it repaired.

York Regional Police is looking for two suspects who at the time had hoods on which is why police has been unable to provide a description. The car, which is said to have front-end damage, was last seen heading toward Jane Street.

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