CCTV Footage: Punjab Police Intercept, Chase, Arrest Two Criminals

Punjab police have arrested two criminals following a chase that started when the two sides came face to face in their vehicles. The incident was caught on camera and the footage shows two white cars driving toward each other and coming to a halt, one was filled with cops while the other had criminals.

The police received a tip about the criminals and planned on intercepting them on a narrow road in Amritsar in a market area. CCTV footage of the area shows a white SUV driving in from the right side and stopping. Another white vehicle is seen coming in from the left side and stopping as well. The driver of the SUV gets out and starts running followed by another man from the back seat. Then, a cop leaves the other vehicle (left), followed by five more cops, and the chase begins.

One of the officers checked the SUV and after a few seconds, another man can be seen checking the vehicle. That’s where the CCTV footage ends.

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Later, police confirmed that two men identified as Robin and Ravi have been arrested. Amritsar Police Commissioner Jaskaran Singh said, “Both have 5-6 cases of criminal activity registered against them. We have recovered five weapons and live cartridges from them. Further investigation is underway.”

Details about the criminal activities registered against the two criminals have not been released. Whether the two were part of a larger organization or were acting independently remains to be seen.

Vineet Washington

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