Ravi Kahlon supports David Eby’s candidature

Minister Ravi Kahlon who was considered a possible choice for Premiership has already said he would not run.

With eight of Ministers saying no to join the race for leadership in the British Columbia NDP, decks are almost clear for the Attorney General David Eby to be the next Premier.

Olympian-turned politician and Job Minister Ravi Kahlon who was considered a possible choice for Premiership has already said he would not run. He has, instead, supported his cabinet colleague David Eby for the top spot.

After Ravi Kahlon made clear his position, several other Ministers including Finance Minister Selina Robinson, Health Minister Adrian Dix,  Lands Minister Josie Osborne, Municipal Affairs Minister Nathan Cullen, Tourism Minister Melanie Mark, Minister of State for Infrastructure Bowinn Ma and Minister of State for Childcare Katrina Chen, have said they will not run for leadership.

This leaves the field open for David Eby. His election may be unanimous as of today there appears to be no other candidate willing to join the leadership race.

Since no one was coming forward, the announcement  made by David Eby about his candidature for the Premiership ended weeks of speculation over who might replace John Horgan as party leader and premier of British Columbia. Interestingly  all other high-profile New Democrats have bowed out of this fall’s leadership election.

As of now, David Eby  looks the frontrunner and perhaps  the only candidate for the leadership to be decided on December 3.  Born in Kitchener, David Eby will turn 46 on Thursday (today).

His wife is a family Physician. They have an eight year old son and two year old daughter.

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After the announcement of his decision to run for the leadership, David Eby and his family are expected to undertake a tour of the province.

While  announcing his candidature, he also made public his priorities saying housing, affordable childcare and family doctors are needed for communities.

“Building public housing for middle-class families was something the government never had to do when I was growing up,” he said, adding that’s needed because pressures in the housing market are pushing people onto the street, media reports quoting him said.

Late last month, BC Premier  Horgan sprang a surprise when he announced he has decided to step down much before the next provincial election in 2024.  The outgoing BC Premier revealed that  though his treatment has made him cancer free but it has  sapped his energy, He was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent long therapy.

He said he made his decision to quit Premiership after consulting his wife.

Stunned by his announcement, speculations started as to who will succeed him for the remaining term as the leader of the BC NDP and the head of the government.




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