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Education Workers Accept Four-year Deal with $1 Hourly Wage Increase

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Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has announced it has accepted the four-year deal presented by the government. This brings an end to a long negotiation process that has caused several problems for both school staff and students. According to the union, 73 percent of the 55,000 members of CUPE voted to accept the deal.

Education workers and the government have been trying to negotiate a deal that entails better wages, job security, and funding for infrastructure and staffing. Prior to the latest deal, the government presented the CUPE with multiple deals that the union rejected. Education workers walked off their posts on more than one occasion leading to learning disruptions.

Finally, the government offered a four-year deal that would offer a flat $1 hourly wage increase or about 3.59 percent annually. The CUPE considered the deal and said it will take till December 5 to give its answer. Now, the union has announced its members have accepted the deal after 73 percent voted in favor of it. The union represents 55,000 education workers across Ontario and it shared that 41,559 people participated in the ratification vote.

The statement sent by the union reads, “For the first time in a decade, education workers have achieved a collective agreement that did not impose terms through legislation.”

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Along with the wage increase, the union was able to secure repayment for the two days workers participated in a strike due to Bill 28. The bill forced a previous offer onto the workers and made it illegal for them to strike.

While the agreement brings an end to the long negotiation process that has been going on for months, some members of the union are not thrilled about it. President of CUPE’s Ontario School Boards Council of Unions, Laura Walton previously mentioned that there is still no new money for more services or staffing. As per Walton, the deal fell short but it needed to be voted on by the members.

As per the agreement, education workers will get a wage increase of $1 per hour each year of a four-year collective agreement. This will result in wage increases of 3.59 percent on average, or 14.4 percent compounded over four years. Additionally, the lowest-paid workers will get a $1 per hour increase, which amounts to 4.2 percent each year or 16.8 percent compounded over four years.

This is a developing story. More to come.

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