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Find this Ragi Jatha & inform the Gurdwara Committee

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One more Ragi Jatha has vanished right after landing in Toronto from India & now Gurdwara committee is asking for the help of community & authorities to find them.

On Wednesday night, ‘Parvasi Media’ was approached by Sikh Spritual Center committee member Mr. Parminder Singh to announce on its various platforms that a Jatha which includes Kuldeep Singh, Satnam Singh & Tajinder Singh landed in Toronto on Wednesday, April 6 to perform their religious duties in Sikh Spritual Center on a work visa sponsored by the Gurdwara committee. But instead of starting to perform their duties, they vanished the same evening and Gurdwara committee is appealing to the media, community members & Canadian authorities to find them.

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These three Hazoori Ragis came from Punjab & were performing their religious duties at very prominent & highly gurdwaras Shri Darbar Sahib & Gurdwara Shaheedan, Amritsar.

If anyone has any information about these three persons, it should be informed to the committee at 416-746-6666 or Canadian immigration authorities.

In another similar news, newly elected President of Ontario Khalsa Darbar (Dixie Road Gurdwara), Mr. Harpal Singh also informed ‘Parvasi Media’ that a Dhadi Jatha from their Gurdwara have also vanished recently & committee will provide all the information about this Jatha members also to locate them.

This is not the first time that such incident has happened in any Toronto area Gurdwara or Hindu Temple. Many of such kind of cases are regularly reported but these religious institutions are helpless to find the solution to stop such incidents where such people come to perform religious duties on special work visas but don’t return back to India & adopt legal or illegal every way to settle in Canada permanently.

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