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Ford Announces Funding for Public Transit, Tells Crombie to ‘Stop Whining’

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford was present in Brampton to announce funding for public transit projects across the province. He announced $505 million in funding stating that infrastructure is going to need massive investments. During the announcement, Ford took shots at Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie for opposing the new housing legislation.

Speaking at a transit yard in Brampton alongside Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney, Ford announced the government will be providing $505 million in funding for public transit projects across the province. It’s never been more important to invest in public transit,” he said. Acknowledging the low ridership during the pandemic and heavy shortfalls, he added that the financial impacts need to be addressed head-on.

During the announcement, Ford criticized Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie for opposing aspects of the housing plan. Crombie along with other mayors feel that the new law will force municipalities to raise property taxes to pay for infrastructure that supports new housing because it eliminates and freezes some developer fees. Ford stated that the municipal leaders who are against the housing plan should “get on board” and “stop whining.”

Ford added that these mayors don’t want to play in the sandbox and that he does not know what Crombie’s problem is as Mississauga has millions of dollars in development charge reserves.

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Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark stated he will launch a third-party audit of the finances of some municipalities and see if the housing law will lead to a shortfall. If it does, these municipalities will be made “whole.” It is unclear what that means exactly.

As part of the announcement, Ford also shared the housing problem can be addressed by building 1.5 million new homes over the next 10 years through Bill 23. “I know my friend mayor Brown is fully committed to building homes,” he said. The Premier went on to say, “We’re in a housing crisis, and the only solution is to build more homes.”

Ford government passed the housing legislation last month that eliminates some development fees and overrides some municipal zoning laws. This was done to follow through in the province’s goal of building 1.5 million homes as planned.

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