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Former MP Raj Grewal Found Not Guilty of Any Breach of Trust Allegations

The crown's case has been dismissed three years after Raj was charged.

Centre Court Developments

Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal has been found not guilty of any breach of trust allegations. The crown’s case has been dismissed three years after Raj was charged. Grewal said the court’s decision is a ‘complete vindication.’

In his Facebook post, Grewal said, “Vindication! Today, the court found me innocent and dismissed all allegations against me. In the nearly 5 years since this all began, I have remained optimistic even though this moment has been a long time coming. I owe this in large part to my extraordinary lawyers Nader Hasan, Spencer Bass, and the entire team at Stockwoods. They truly are an embodiment of everything that is right about the legal profession and I am so proud to have you as fellow members of the Bar. I can’t thank you enough for your diligence and approach to this case. Though the system may be imperfect, and we have a lot of work to do, as Canadians, we can take comfort in knowing we have a strong, independent and competent judiciary. There is a presumption of innocence in the criminal justice system, but there is a resounding presumption of guilt in the court of public opinion. I have experienced this firsthand over the last four and a half years. To my community and my friends that stood with me from day one, my gratitude to you all is beyond measure. For the people who reached out during those dark days in 2018, your supportive messages, offered the brightest rays of light as the clouds continued to gather. Lastly, to the people of Brampton East, my number is still the same – I haven’t gone anywhere and I’m still here. I ran for public office in 2015 because I believed in serving a community and country that has given so much to me. My promise to serve, still stands. If I can be of any service do not hesitate to contact me. In Chardi Kala!”


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