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Former Student at Sheridan College, Pawanpreet Kaur’s Parents Demand Justice

Kaur came to Canada at the age of 18 to pursue her education at Sheridan College.

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The parents of the 21-year-old, Pawanpreet Kaur, who was shot dead at a gas Station in Mississauga claim that they regret sending their daughter to Canada on a study Visa.

Kaur came to Canada at the age of 18 to pursue her education at Sheridan College.

In a video shared by the source, the mother of the deceased said, “We regret sending her off to Canada.” She further added, “Why did we send her at a young age to get her degree? We should have kept her here with us.”

Kaur’s father, Devinder Singh said, “There was a craze here in India for everyone to send their kids (to Canada), We thought others were sending their children to Canada, so we thought we would too as a way to get our family to Canada.”

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The parents informed the source that the information about their daughter’s death was fir communicated to their relatives who live in Brampton, who then informed them in Punjab.

In the video, the parents can be seen demanding justice for their daughter. They said, “We are grieving for justice. We won’t get our daughter back, so we just want the killer to be found. The daughter we raised will never come back to us.”

Peel police have released a video, where they shared the visuals of the suspect traveling on the bike in the vicinity of the crime spot. The bike has been found, however, is said to have been stolen.

The police described in the video, “The suspect wore a three-quarter-length dark winter jacket with a hood, dark winter boots, dark pants, a dark winter toque, and white gloves.” They further added, “It appears that the suspect was smoking a cigarette. The suspect did not pull the hood up over their head until shortly before shooting the victim at close range.”


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