France Grounds Plane Carrying 303 Indians Over Human Trafficking Suspicions; India Granted Consular Access

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French authorities have grounded a plane en route to Nicaragua with 300 Indian passengers on suspicion of ‘human trafficking,’ as reported by AFP. The authorities in France conveyed that the grounding was initiated over concerns related to “human trafficking.”

According to the AFP report, the aircraft had departed from the United Arab Emirates. The flight, operated by Romanian charter company Legend Airlines, took off from Dubai and landed at the Vatry airport on Thursday afternoon for a technical stopover, where police intervention occurred, according to the Marne prefect’s office statement.

India announced that it has been granted consular access to individuals aboard an airplane destined for Nicaragua, which was grounded in France due to suspected “human trafficking.” The flight, originating from the United Arab Emirates, was scheduled for refueling in France.

The plane, carrying passengers deemed “likely to be victims of human trafficking,” was detained on Thursday following an anonymous tipoff, as disclosed by the Paris public prosecutor’s office to AFP.

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The national anti-organized crime unit, JUNALCO, has assumed control of the investigation. A specialized unit in organized crime is probing suspicions of human trafficking, having arrested two individuals for questioning. The Paris Public Prosecution Office mentioned that the authorities were alerted by an anonymous informant.

The prefecture in the northeastern Marne department stated that the A340, operated by the Romanian company Legend Airlines, “remained grounded on the tarmac at Vatry airport following its landing.”

According to sources familiar with the case, the Indian passengers may have intended to travel to Central America with plans to attempt illegal entry into the United States or Canada.

Legend Air, the operating company, possesses a small fleet of four aircraft, as indicated by the Flightradar website.

The plane, scheduled for refueling, was carrying 303 Indian nationals who were likely employed in the UAE, the report stated. After landing in France, the passengers were initially kept on the aircraft but were later allowed to disembark and provided with individual beds in the terminal building.

The entire airport has been cordoned off by the police.

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