Imran Khan Comes Out in Public Wearing Gas Mask

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Following a court order to halt the arrest of Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan, the official was seen wearing a gas mask while interacting with his supporters. Chaos broke out outside Khan’s residence when police teams arrived to arrest him. A large gathering of his supporters pushed the police back, protecting Khan from getting arrested.

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan is wanted in the Toshakhana corruption case for illegally selling gifts he received from foreign dignitaries during his term as prime minister. Police teams arrived at his residence last night for the arrest but were met with a mob of his supporters. The altercation turned violent, and the police used tear gas and water cannons at his supporters who had cordoned off his home.

Because of the pushback from his supporters, a Lahore court told Pakistan police to halt the arrest till 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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After the situation had settled and the police teams retreated, Khan was seen outside his residence wearing a transparent gas mask and talking to his supporters. His official Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party tweeted, “The police and rangers sent to harm Imran Khan were pushed back by the people.” The party added, “More people are coming to Zaman Park and will never let the evil intentions of this imported government succeed, God willing.”

However, a video showing Khan wearing a gas mask while talking to his supporters was posted on Twitter with the text, “Imran khan seen wearing a protective gas mask in his residence while his supporters are risking their lives on streets.”

Khan has an arrest warrant against him issued by a lower court in Islamabad because he kept skipping the court dates and did not defend his position in the case against him. It has been reported that the gits her received included seven expensive wristwatches, including one valued at 85 million Pakistani rupees (about $300,000). Khan denies any wrongdoing.

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