Increase in Robberies Sparks Concern in Mississauga and Brampton

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In the past 31 days, Mississauga and Brampton have witnessed an alarming average of two robberies per day, raising concerns among residents and law enforcement. According to data from the Peel Regional Police spanning from June 15 to July 16, 2023, a total of 55 robberies were reported in both cities combined. Mississauga accounted for 25 of these incidents, while Brampton experienced 30.

Among the reported cases, 17 robberies involved firearms, 17 involved other weapons, and 21 were categorized under “other” by the police. As of today, authorities have solved 21 of these incidents, while investigations continue for the remaining 34. The available data do not provide information on the number of arrests or injuries associated with these robberies.

A comparison to the same period in 2022 reveals a stark contrast, with only one robbery reported on Clark Blvd., which has since been solved. This substantial increase in robberies in 2023 indicates a concerning trend for the region.

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Residential properties have been targeted by criminals, as demonstrated by an incident last month in a high-rise building in Mississauga. Two armed individuals entered an apartment and demanded cash and valuables from the residents, using an imitation firearm. However, it is not just homes that are at risk; businesses are frequently chosen targets as well. Recently, two teenagers, aged 14 and 17, robbed an electronics store in Mississauga using a replica gun before escaping in a stolen vehicle.

Peel Regional Police highlight break-ins, thefts, frauds, and cyber frauds as the crimes of most concern for businesses. To mitigate these risks, businesses are advised to take the following robbery prevention measures:

1. Install and maintain a functional surveillance system.
2. Ensure proper lighting both inside and outside the premises.
3. Provide robbery prevention training for all staff members.
4. Minimize the amount of cash on hand by making frequent cash drops.
5. Optimize visibility by using low shelving and arranging aisles to allow employees to observe customers.
6. Remove excessive window signage or clutter that obstructs critical lines of sight.

The rise in robberies underscores the importance of increased vigilance and security measures for both residents and businesses in Mississauga and Brampton. Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to solve these crimes and ensure the safety of the community.


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