Indian-Americans Praised by Congressman for Paying 6 Percent of Country’s Taxes

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The Indian-American community which amounts to just one percent of the population pays six percent of the country’s tax. The information was shared by Congressman Rich McCormick who lauded the community and said the process of immigration should be streamlined for individuals who come to America and “obey the law.”

Republican Congressman Rich McCormick praised the Indian-American community in his first speech floor of the US House of Representatives. “Although they make up about one percent of American society, they pay about six percent of the taxes. They’re amongst the top producers, and they do not cause problems. They follow the laws.”

McCormick pointed out that a large portion of his constituency is people who have immigrated directly from India. He represents the 6th Congressional District of Georgia. “One out of every five doctors in my community are from India. They represent some of the best citizens we have in America, we should make sure that we streamline the immigration process for those who come here to obey the law and pay their taxes and be the most creative and productive in society,” he explained.

There are said to be four million Indian-Americans in the USA which makes them the second-largest immigrant group.

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Last week, Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal spoke about business Visas for Indians and said the issue of delays is being discussed. He stated that he put in a request to speed up the processing of business visas when people want to come in for short trips.

Recently, the Chairman of RPG Enterprises, Harsh Goenka, stated that Indians are the highest-earning ethnic group in the USA with 70 percent of the Indian-American population having a bachelor’s degree, compared to a national average of 28 percent. The reasons, he cited, include the value of good education, hard work with frugal habits, smart, and being enrolled in the highest paying jobs.

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