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Indian origin man charged for shooting his daughter-in-law over ‘Divorce Plans’ in the US.

by the Canadian Parvasi

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A 74-year-old Indian-American man has been charged with murder after shooting his daughter-in-law dead in a Walmart parking lot in San Jose, California.

The suspect, identified as Sital Singh Dosanjh, had been arrested from his residence in Fresno. He allegedly shot his daughter-in-law over her plans to divorce his son.

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The incident, which occurred on the 30th of September, was detailed to the police authorities by the victim’s uncle, who she was on a call with while the attack went down. The victim, Gurpreet Kaur Dosanjh, was on break in the parking lot of the Walmart where she worked at. She was reportedly distressed and fearful on the call. She informed her uncle on call that she saw her Father-In-Law pulling up to the parking lot growing more and more anxious as he approached her. The Walmart was situated over 150 miles away from the suspect’s residence, where he lived with his son, while Gurpreet lived in San Hose.

Gurpreet’s body was discovered by her co-workers five hours after being shot twice and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The San Hose Police Department detained the suspect with the help of the Fresno Police Department. Dosanjh is currently booked in Santa Clara County Main Jail for homicide. The authorities also seized a .22-caliber Beretta pistol from his residence.

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