Indian Student Goes Missing in US, Kidnappers Demand $1200 From Parents in Hyderabad

Another missing case of an Indian student has been reported where parents in Hyderabad are being threatened to pay $1200 to the kidnappers.

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Another missing case reported where an Indian student has gone missing in the US and the parents in Hyderabad received a ransom call.

Abdul Mohammed, a 25-year-old international student from Hyderabad, left home last May to pursue a master’s degree in Information Technology at Cleveland University, Ohio.

His family claims he has not spoken to them since March 7.

Abdul’s Father, Mohammed Saleem reports that he received a call from an unknown caller that his son has been kidnapped by the drug sellers in Cleveland

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He further mentions that the caller has demanded to pay 1200$ but did not specify the mode of payment. Moreover, the parents are being threatened that the kidnappers will sell their son’s kidney to the mafia if they refuse to make the payment.

A missing complaint was lodged with the Cleveland Police after the parents informed their relatives living in the US. Abdul Mohammed was wearing a white T-shirt, red jacket, and blue jeans, said the cops in their watch order.

Furthermore, the parents have written to the Indian Council in Chicago.

It is the ninth such incident reported in less than three months. The kidnapping was reported a week after another Indian student was found dead in the US.

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