Iran National Soccer Team Did Not Sing its Own National Anthem

Iran’s national soccer team decided to stay silent during their country’s anthem instead of singing along as a sign of protest. Iran went up against England in the World Cup FIFA 2022 match taking place at Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar. Videos have surfaced showing Iranian fans booing their national anthem.

People of Iran have been protesting for months against the treatment of women. It started after the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of Iran’s morality police. People have taken to the streets to show solidarity for Iranian women and their freedom. As a sign of protest and to show support for their countrymen back home, Iran’s national soccer team stayed silent during the national anthem instead of singing along.

All teams come to the field and sing their national anthems as they are played in the background. Not only did Iran’s team not sing along with the national anthem, but their fans also booed their own anthem.

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The team did not speak about their silence during the anthem with the public. Iranian captain Ehsan Hajsafi, before the match at a press conference, offered condolences to families of those killed and said, “I would like them to know that we are by their side and we feel their pain.” Earlier this month, Tara Sepehri Far of Human Rights Watch said, “There’s a long history of Iranian authorities using these trials for making their points. Yet we have only seen protests intensifying over the past decade, not going away, and the calls are becoming more progressive and more radical, not less.”

England won the match against Iran with a score of 6-2. Iran will next be playing in Wales on Friday.

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