Iranians Celebrate World Cup Loss Amid Humanitarian Protests

The people of Iran took to the streets to celebrate its football team’s loss at the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Iran faced the US on November 29 and lost 1-0 but the fans back home, instead of mourning the loss, were dancing on the streets as a sign of protest against the football team which is considered part of the country’s oppressive regime.

Iran went head-to-head with USA on November 29 and the match ended 1-0 in favor of USA. Iranian fans took to the streets in Sanandaj and Kamyaran to celebrate the team’s loss as the people of Iran denounce the football team. They consider the team a part of the oppressive regime which they are fighting against. Videos on social media show people dancing on the streets, honking their horns, and using fireworks.

Not just the civilians, but media personalities of Iran also showed their support for the humanitarian cause. Iranian game journalist Saeed Zafarany tweeted after the loss, “Who would’ve ever thought I’d jump three meters and celebrate America’s goal!” Podcaster Elahe Khosravi tweeted, “This is what playing in the middle gets you. They lost to the people, the opponent, and even the government.”

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Saqez, which was Mahsa Amini’s hometown, was one of the cities celebrating with fireworks. London-based Iran Wire website said on Twitter, “Saqez citizens have started to celebrate and use fireworks after America’s first goal against Iran’s football team.”

Protests have been rife in the streets of Iran ever since the death of Mahsa Amini. In September, Amini was killed by the country’s morality police for not wearing her hijab properly. The people of Iran and its government have been locking horns and since then, over 300 people including children have been killed.

The Iranian team also showed solidarity for the people back home and chose not to sing the national anthem during its opening match on November 22 against England.

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