Kangana loses her dignity in language, talking as if this is not our country’s culture, according to BJP MP Manoj Tiwari

Kangana Ranaut, the actress, is constantly in news about her statements. Kangana Ranaut has been criticised numerous times for her opinions. In a recent interview, actor and BJP MP Manoj Tiwari defended Kangana Ranaut’s attacks on Maharashtra’s government, politicians, and several celebrities, as well as her controversial views. Kangana Ranaut, he claims, occasionally loses control of her language. Manoj has also advised Kangana to keep her words in limit.
In a show, Manoj Tiwari was asked what he thinks of Kangana Ranaut. In response, he stated that he would prefer not to discuss her. But, when asked if he is afraid of Kangana.  As a result, Manoj responded, “I believe you should not keep your opinion so explosive that it directly impacts someone. Kangana Ranaut, on the other hand, makes an impact with her fiery opinions.
The BJP MP further said, “Artists should have their own responsibilities, or if they have entered politics, they should announce it clearly. When he talked after the killing of Sushant Singh Rajput, I understood it, and I believe the Maharashtra state government was also harsh with her. That was also incorrect. However, an artist must be humble.”

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