Luck smiles on elderly Mahilpur farmer, wins Rs 2.5 crore lottery

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Luck smiles on elderly Mahilpur farmer, wins Rs 2.5 crore lottery
Hoshiarpur: An elderly farmer Sheetal Singh, who had come from Mahilpur on November 4 to buy medicines, won a lottery of Rs 2.5 crore. The lottery ticket seller SK Aggarwal informed him over the phone when the draw was announced. Sheetal Singh told reporters that there was an atmosphere of joy at his home and congratulations were pouring in.

Sheetal Singh said he had come to Hoshiarpur to get medicines. In the meantime, he bought a lottery ticket from a stall outside the Green View park on Court Road. After only four hours, his ticket came out a winner.

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Sheetal Singh has two sons and a daughter who are all married. His sons live abroad. He said that he will use the money after consulting his family. On the other hand, lottery ticket seller SK Aggarwal said he was from the second generation in his family selling lottery tickets. He has been selling lottery tickets for the last 20 years. Earlier, his father used to sell lottery tickets.

The ticket sold from their stall has won a bumper prize worth crores for the third time. In 2003, his father had sold the ticket which won Rs 2 crore and in 2005, a ticket that fetched a prize of Rs one crore. Sheetal Singh’s grandson (daughter’s son) Sukhpreet said the family was happy as they had never dreamed of winning such a huge amount of money.


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