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Mahesh Bhatt to direct biopic on philanthropist Dr SPS Oberoi

New Delhi: He is the man who has been over the years working for securing the release of Indian youth detained in various jails of the United Arab Emirates. He is also working to ameliorate the suffering of those sections of society that have remained ignored by the State agencies.

He is none other than Dr Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi, founder and managing Trustee, of Sarbat da Bhalla Trust.

Soon a biopic on Dr Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi will be shot under the direction of none other than Mahesh Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt will be directing a 2-hour 40 minute biopic on the life and times of the businessman. Ajay Devgun will be playing the role of SP Singh Oberoi which is being produced by Paramount Studios. The screenplay is being written by Filmfare award winner Ritesh Shah, who has also written the screenplay of Kahani, Pink, Airlift and a few others.

Shooting will start in July. Before the movie hits theatres later this year, Netflix will  screen a 50 minute documentary titled ‘Pehchan’ on September 7 on how Oberoi made it big after he left home in his youth with just Rs 350 in his pocket.

This Dubai-based NRI has been hawking media headlines for almost two decade after he took upon himself the onerous task of getting released  Indian youth convicted in murder, bootlegging, armed clashes and other heinous crimes in the United Arab Emirates.

He started with 21 Indian youth, mostly from Punjab, facing death sentence in a case of rioting, armed conflict, bootlegging and murder of a Pakistani youth in Dubai.

Dr Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi, popular as SPS Oberoi, not only arranges eminent lawyers to defend Indian youth facing criminal cases in the UAE but also acts as a mediator to seek their release subsequent to their conviction. He paid “blood money” to the families of victims.

The UAE law allows for release of convicts in case next of kin of the victim or a deceased person accept mutually agreed amount of  “blood money” from them.

Dr SPS Oberoi contributed a major share of the “Blood money” that was paid to the family of a Pakistani boy who had died in a violent clash between two groups. He not only paid the “blood money” but also organised air travel, stay in Dubai and visit to prisons where those convicted Indian youth were held by taking the entire bill. Ultimately, the UAE court accepted the “blood money” commitment made on behalf of the convicted boys and they were released.

That was not only an isolated case in which so many youth on death sentence had been released. But was one of many Dr SPS Oberoi successfully pursued to get more than a 100 such Indian youth languishing in various jails in UAE.

Besides securing release of Indian youth overseas, he has been generously donating to projects of health care, organising  education and training of special children providing financial support, including regular monthly pension, to people in distress. In Dubai, he had started Sarbat da Bhalla centre from where needy persons, especially those Indian workers who have been deserted by their employers, were given regular supplies of ration and other essential items.

Recognising his great contribution towards suffering humanity, Bollywood has  chosen him for a biopic. Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi is known to  donate 98 per cent of his earnings to ensure the downtrodden lead a decent life.

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