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Sikh Police Officer’s killer asks death penalty for himself

by The Canadian Parvasi

Centre Court Developments

Three years after the tragedy, the Harris County Criminal Court finally held on trial a man accused of murdering Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, a Police Officer and a Humanitarian of the Sikh faith. Dhaliwal was the first police officer to serve in US Law Enforcement while

The 50-year-old perpetrator, identified as Robert Solis, was found guilty of capital murder in a judgement that took the jurors less than half an hour. Solis shot the 10-year-veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office ambush style on 27th September 2019.

The accused was notably representing himself in court after previously firing his attorneys.

In his opening statement, Solis appealed to the jurors stating that they should just give him the death penalty if they deemed him responsible for capital murder. The prosecutor, however, argued that he should be deemed guilty of capital murder stating, “A swift verdict does not tell anyone in this courtroom what they already know…Find him guilty of capital murder.”

Prosecutors also stated to the courtroom that the suspect was on an active parole violation warrant vis-a-vis a shooting incident in 2017. The prosecution cited Solis’ unwillingness to go back to jail as a potential motive to shoot Dhaliwal.

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“I stand before you an innocent man until you all go back there and deliberate and determine whether or not the state has met its burden and whether I intentionally and knowingly, a conscious objective, shot this deputy,” continued Solis, iterating that the shooting was an accident and that he was innocent.

The courtroom was filled with an atmosphere of teary eyes as a video from Dhaliwal’s body cam was played clearly showing Solis murdering him point blank. Dhaliwal’s family as well as co-workers were reportedly present in the courtroom when the video was played.

Throughout the proceeding, Solis argued that the shooting was but a mere accident stating, “It happened. I can’t change it. Was that my intent? My objective? Absolutely not.”

Regardless, the 50-year-old was charged with the capital murder of Dhaliwal, who was conducting one of his routine traffic stops while the incident occurred. Solis reportedly nodded and lowered his head a bit as the verdict was being read to the courtroom.

Dhaliwal, who has been regarded as a trailblazer, made waves in 2015 as the first turbaned Sikh Officer in the United States of America after requesting and gaining permission for the same.

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