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Massive Fire in Upcoming Residential Area in Vaughan Destroys Several $2 Million Homes

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A massive fire in Vaughan has destroyed multiple million-dollar houses that were under construction. The reason for the fire is unclear but the windy conditions propagated the fire further and it took fire teams two and a half hours to bring it under control. Residents were scheduled to move into those houses this year.

On Wednesday, April 12, nearly 20 houses in Teston Road and Pine Valley Drive went up in flames. Deputy fire chief Grant Moffatt shared that the wind and dry conditions made it hard to the teams to control the fire, which took two and a half hours, and more than 50 firefighters, along with police and paramedics, were dispatched to the scene.

It has also been reported that some firefighters received minor burns and one was transported to a hospital as a precaution. Pine Valley Drive at Ballantyne Boulevard, Teston Road at Ballantyne Boulevard, and Teston Road at Arbordale Drive have been closed.

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“Without wind, you may get the opportunity to control it to three or four homes. But for homes under construction, the spread is very rapid,” Moffatt added. The firefighters made a “line in the sand” to prevent the fire from spreading further. He also stated that most of these homes will have to be torn down because of the extent of the damage.

The houses were being developed by Klein Estates website and its website states the properties were all selling for more than $2 million. The residents were scheduled to start moving in from late 2023.

As to what caused the fire is under investigation. This is a developing story. More to come.

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