If Provinces Won’t Crackdown Shady Schools Exploiting International Student Program, Ottawa Will: Minister Miller

Miller emphasized the prevalence of problems in private institutions, suggesting the imperative need for their closure.

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Ottawa is poised to intervene and close down dubious educational institutions exploiting the international student program if provinces fail to take action, cautioned Immigration Minister Marc Miller on Tuesday.

Highlighting issues within the college sector, Miller emphasized the prevalence of problems in private institutions, suggesting the imperative need for their closure. “There’s responsibility to go around,” Miller expressed on Parliament Hill, specifying that some of the most egregious offenders exist in the private sector, warranting shutdown.

While acknowledging that provinces are primarily responsible for addressing issues concerning international students in the post-secondary sector, Miller asserted that if they prove ineffective, Ottawa is prepared to step in, despite facing “jurisdictional questions” limiting the government’s authority.

A surge in foreign student enrollment has led to increased scrutiny of the international student program, prompting the Liberals to impose a cap on new study permits for the next two years. The number of foreign students with visas to study in Canada exceeded 900,000 last year, a threefold increase over the past decade.

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Critics have raised concerns about the significant rise in international students at questionable post-secondary institutions, with suspicions of some exploiting the program as a gateway to permanent residency.

Miller proposed a potential solution through the federal government’s plan to recognize post-secondary institutions adhering to higher standards for services, supports, and outcomes for international students. Referring to the recognized institution model launched in the fall, Miller stated its relevance to the ongoing discussion, emphasizing the ability to distinguish reputable institutions from subpar ones. He further hinted at the possibility of Ottawa taking direct action to shut down institutions if provinces fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

In addition, Miller specifically called attention to schools experiencing spikes in asylum claims from international students. Seneca College witnessed an alarming increase from 300 asylum claims in 2022 to nearly 700 in 2023, while Conestoga College observed a surge from 106 to 450 during the same period. Miller labeled these spikes as “alarming” and “totally unacceptable.”

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