Mississauga Elects New Mayor Today: Sixteen Candidates In Race For Leadership

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Residents of Mississauga, Ontario, are heading to the polls today to choose their new mayor from a diverse slate of sixteen candidates. This election follows the departure of former mayor Bonnie Crombie, who resigned in January after taking the helm of the provincial Liberal Party.

Among the notable contenders is Carolyn Parrish, a former federal Member of Parliament with approximately 12 years of experience in the House of Commons, serving as both a Liberal and an independent. Initially seen as the front-runner, Parrish’s decision to skip candidate debates has allowed other hopefuls to gain traction.

Dipika Damerla, a former Ontario Liberal MPP, has emerged as a notable challenger. Damerla, who recently served on Mississauga City Council, shares the mayoral race spotlight with fellow councillors Alvin Tedjo and Stephen Dasko.

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Housing affordability and the cost of living are primary concerns for Mississauga voters. The city, which has experienced significant growth, is now the third-largest in Ontario and the seventh-largest in Canada. This rapid expansion has heightened discussions about how the next mayor will address these pressing issues.

Polling stations are set to open at 10 a.m. and will welcome voters until 8 p.m. The results of today’s election will shape the future of Mississauga, as residents look to their new mayor to guide the city through its ongoing transformation and address the critical challenges ahead.

Stay tuned as the votes are tallied and Mississauga welcomes a new leader to steer its course in these dynamic times.


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